Courier Kills at The International 2017

Why do we see so many early-game courier kill attempts?

Newbee vs EG: Sumail leads the courier through radiant jungle, avoiding Kaka’s Earth Spirit who is waiting for it to show in lane. Also note how we see the heavy emphasis on mid-lane that is typical of TI7. 3 dire heroes congregated around mid and 2 radiant.
This is 30 seconds into the TNC vs LFY upper bracket game 1. Kuku on Alchemist waits until Dazzle on LFY becomes visible bot-lane before resuming courier delivery. This is the only sure way to guarantee it cannot be sniped.

Later-game courier snipes

OG vs VP: The dire ward on the radiant jungle hill gives S4 vision of the courier flying back to base. He used his teleportation spell to meet the courier, then casts Sprout, which grants flying vision, and allows him to kill the courier in the trees. Afterwards, he uses a TP scroll to safely escape.
Low mana Arteezy delivering himself a clarity with his necronomicon recipe
Boboka sees Liquid gathering bottom so moves to intercept the courier path from radiant fountain to liquid.

Courier Kill Stats at TI7

BoBoKa has killed couriers whilst playing as Riki(3), Nyx Assasin(3), Earth Spirit, Sand King and Monkey King. 4 kills being on walking couriers. 8 of these 18 players have already been eliminated from the competition.
Statistics for every hero with 4 or more courier kills. Nyx has been picked 41 times so far at TI7, Bounty Hunter 6, and Riki only 4 times.
This gives a clearer picture on which heroes excel at courier sniping. Unsurprisingly we find the 3 main invisibility heroes and Nature’s Prophet at the top. Following them we have heroes with mobility spells, which allow them to chase down any couriers they spy. Only heroes that had minimum 3 courier kills, or 10 picks, are included.




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Advanced Esports Analytics

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