Pub-Star Bounty Hunter Play

Stats Collected from STRATZ.COM of my User Profile. I am a NA Leaderboard player currently at 5,700 MMR
Played a total of 1,128 games with a Win Rate of about 60.5% and holding around a 4.23 Kill Death Assist Ratio (KDA)

Pre-game Items

Starting Item Selection — 2 x Clarity
  1. Collect enough information during the start of the game. Your enemies will often show themselves, giving you an opportunity to see their inventories.
  2. Walk into the lane and see if your enemy makes a sudden movement, or even better, attacks you.
  3. One thing people forget is that a sentry’s duration is 4 minutes. If you see an enemy put it down, jot the time down in your head. Knowing the exact time of the ward expiration can lead to aggressive plays and easy kills.
  4. Walk into a lane and right click a hero. When you draw aggression towards a hero, the creeps will attack you in return. This happens even while you’re invisible. If you draw creeps’ attention, you are near a sentry.

Warm-up Movements (-0:90–0:00)

Pink lines indicate path when playing Radiant. The Red path indicates when playing Dire. The circles indicate when I cast Shadow Walk. This is normally around the -0:52 second mark. The end of the line is the trees in which I will hide until -0:17.

Giving up first Blood

The First Two Minutes

  • Hunting Courier: There is one high point for both teams in the midlane. Sitting in the high ground will allow you to see the courier coming without being seen yourself. If you are lucky enough to see the courier, don’t forget the 2 second fade time on Shadow Walk. With only the selected starting items and Shadow Walk, you can 1 hit kill any courier before 3:00.
  • Hero Damage: Surprisingly, Bounty Hunter can pump out some amazing damage level one. Most opponents will let you hit them 2 or 3 times before they decide the action they want to take and act on it. If I am harassing the midlane, I will approach with Shadow Walk on, hit 2–3 times, and cast Shadow Walk again. I wait for 14 seconds, then go back in. Why? During the 14 seconds that you are waiting, the enemy hero is wondering if you left or stayed. The scare tactic is enough here.
  • Staying off the map: When IceFrog increased the mana cost of Shadow Walk from 50 to 65, this really hurt the amount of times Shadow Walk can be cast. With the most recent change to mana regen, this nerf was slightly reversed. Still, you cannot stay invisible at the start very often. To conserve mana, try casting only before walking into a lane and not while walking from lane to lane.
  • Warding: If you’re lucky enough for your teammate to give you a ward, placing a deeper lane ward (between T1 and T2 midlane) can often yield good results. It can scout any rotation TPs to the midlane as well as courier movements. Remember, knowing where a courier is NOT can lead to a courier kill.
  • Jungling Heroes: Jungling in Divine ranks is pretty uncommon. However, heroes such as Axe/Enchantress will stop in from time to time when their offlane is pushed. This is free experience and a possible free kill. If you see that the offlaner is not in his lane, get to the side jungle and check it out. You can even call your safelane support over for the extra damage as most wards won’t be in the rivers path.
  • Plan for 2:00: A good Bounty Hunter can cause havoc in the first 2 minutes and still be ready to grab the bounty runes when they spawn a second time. Not only are you gaining gold, you’re forcing the enemy to waste time running to the spawn spot only to see the bounty is already gone. They might then wait 10 seconds for it to spawn, and at that point, you should apply your steal technique again and snatch it up from them.




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